• Olympic Protein Technologies is a contract research organization focused on providing high quality protein science services for clients and partners. The quality of proteins are vital to the success of experiments that form the foundation of the discovery and development of therapeutics. Our staff has a wealth of collective experience in top-tier biotechnology companies successfully designing, producing and characterizing  protein therapeutic candidates as well as  critically important antigens and reagents. This experience includes solving problems associated with the expression/purification of challenging proteins. The aim of our team is to leverage this knowledge to provide the best experience and outcomes for our partners and clients by providing quality science delivered with full engagement and the highest standards, integrity, and data security.    
  • We currently offer construct design, expression, protein production & characterization, biomolecular interaction analysis, and protein engineering services. We also can leverage our  network of protein science contacts to provide access to other types of analyses, such as advanced biophysical technologies, for your project. As we grow we will build on our existing capabilities while broadening our offerings to include other protein science services – stay tuned!  We are located in Seattle Washington USA.